Here is my musical biography, at least, my beginning in music and in particular the creation of my band Blackstripe, which will have brought me on stage and will have forged my steel music.

Childhood, I used to listen to a lot of classical music in addition to the radio, and at the age of 9, my brother Nico introduced me to Iron Maiden, and I fell into hard rock, finding in this music the power and harmonic richness that I appreciated in classical music. Self-taught, I started playing bass at the age of 17. A fan of bassists like Cliff Burton, Steve Harris, Pascal Mulot, Joe Di Maio, Stu Hamm, and many more, I quickly gravitated towards melody, slap bass, and composition.

Two years later, while traveling, I bought a folk guitar in India. Since I had been writing texts for a long time, the guitar allowed me to turn them into songs. I naturally progressed to classical and then electric guitar. I had started learning the basics on bass by playing along to my favorite records, but with the guitar, I spontaneously started composing. I looked at scales and pentatonics in books, but I wanted above all to create my own style.

Quickly, I created my music group, Black Stripe, which allowed me to share my music live. At that time, there was no internet and social media, and despite hundreds of great concerts in France and around the world, it was more difficult than it is now to promote oneself. At that time, a lone DJ made more money than a music group, and venues that could accommodate a full band like La Flèche d'Or were closing one after the other. I was fortunate enough to play at the Gibus, the New Morning, and even the Zenith, but oddly enough, sometimes the smaller stages are the best, more intimate. Simply playing and sharing live with a big sound suited me very well because just playing, driven by the audience's anticipation, when you are in tune with them and your musicians, wow!

You can find all my early compositions from Black Stripe on a double album that I recorded (alone as always -_-) during the COVID-19 pandemic when the band split, to keep a record of the music we played live for so many years. We rocked despite it not being truly commercial music, but both for the audience and venue programmers, we were always considered among the best groups, and I am still carried by that, which gives me the strength to continue even if more than ever I am in the shadows. It makes me laugh because now when I post something, there are only 3 views. It's as if when you're not trying to be seen, well, you're not lol. Yet here I am, and it's been a few years now...

On my music page, you can discover my compositions. My new releases as well as upgrades to my old demos that I sometimes rearrange because yes, it's the work of a lifetime, my reason for being, and like any author, even if I don't do anything for it, I hope to be read one day...